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ACPI spec
ACPI spec
* http://www.acpi.info/DOWNLOADS/ACPIspec30b.pdf
* http://www.acpi.info/
PCI IRQ Routing Table Specification
PCI IRQ Routing Table Specification

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Links to pages with more information.

BIOS interfaces

Ralf Brown's interrupt list

Memory layout info

Old PNP BIOS spec

T13 BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive (drafts):

Exported BIOS tables

ACPI spec

PCI IRQ Routing Table Specification

MP configuration table

SM BIOS (aka DMI):

Hardware information

info on PIC

info on kbd

info on vga

info on lpt

info on floppy

info on ata

General information

Bochs tech document list

Phoenix documents

Dosemu information